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Willow Boutique La Crosse, WI

9 Feb, 2017


Willow 2

Getting to know the customer is the first step in the whole process. To sit down with the client face to face and talk about their interests, their life, their business and their hopes for the future of said business. Once all those pieces are laid out we can then go about the business of creating a sign that will not just announce the presence of a new store or business but will also be a  reflection of all those hopes, goals, and dreams for the company. This past fall, two friends from California approached La Crosse Sign Group to create a sign for a new boutique they were opening in La Crosse. One of our sales assistants met with them several times to go over ideas and come up with a projecting sign that would create an elegant addition to the downtown district. The finished sign is an eclectic blend of old and new with its aged wood look and scrolling font displaying the store’s name and nothing more. Willow Boutique is the product of a dream started in California and realized here in La Crosse, WI. Two friends came together to bring their love of fashion to an ever growing Midwest town and La Crosse Sign Group stepped up to the plate to help tell that story, a story not unlike that of all small and large businesses that start out as nothing more than a hope and a dream.

Customer Stories

State Bank La Crosse, WI

7 Feb, 2017

SB Blog

Continuing on at tradition of service for over 100 years is something that hits home here at La Crosse Sign Group. State Bank has been in business for 134 years, serving generations of customers much like La Crosse Sign Group has. Our salesman Craig Breitsprecher was called upon to assist with the re-imaging of the bank’s signs and part of that process was to bring back the grandness of the vintage signs of the past. The downtown La Crosse location of State Bank is a solid stone structure from the early 1900’s that gives a sense of security and permanence in its very design. For this impressive building our designer Chris Clark came up with a projecting blade sign that hearkened back to the early days of advertising and an era when downtown La Crosse was lit up with bright neon signs drawing in customers and giving a vibrancy to the city streets. It was with great pride that La Crosse Sign Group and State Bank unveiled their new sign, a sign that will light the way for generations to come.


Customer Stories

St Paul’s Ev. Lutheran Church Tomah, WI

1 Feb, 2017

St. paul Blog

Since 1874, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church has been providing sanctuary to believers in the Tomah, WI area. In honor of this long tradition of faith, La Crosse Sign Group designed a monument sign with message center that brings to mind the story of the old rugged cross. Bringing the church into the 21st century with new technology to relay information to members about upcoming events, hours of worship, and other announcements in a way that does not take away from the beauty and simplicity of the church itself. Our designer Chris Clark had a personal hand in this sign because his own grandparents have made this church home for decades. Building on faith and tradition, La Crosse Sign Group went the extra mile to produce a sign that speaks of the future while still holding on to the rich past of a church and its believers.